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Telephone RJ11 Signal Device Lightning Surge Protector Arrester


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Telephone RJ11 Signal Device Lightning Surge Protector Arrester

Pesawat telp (pin RJ11) anda pernah rusak gara2 kena petir, dengan alat ini pesawat telp anda aman dari dari petir.
Cocok untuk di pakai di line telp dan line telp untuk router speedy.

Harga : Rp 145.000,- / unit


With this Audio Signal Device Surge Protector, you can protect your sensitive audio signal equipment which uses RJ11 interface and sensitive to electromagentic interference from inductive voltage, static discharge and over-voltage by operator.

The Telecom Surge Protector features Large electric current support, mutiple level protection, quickly response, minor wastage.

Comes with an integrated braided ground lines to divert surge energy

Simple operating Surge Arrester, just following the instructions.

This Telephone Lightning Protector needs no special care, if it's broken, please replace it by a new one.

Technical parameter:

Discharge voltage 180V
Response time 1ns
Working Temperature: -60C + 190C
Max discharge current: 10KA
Size: 80x25x25mm
Max continual voltage: 150V
Joint wastage: 0.5dB
Protect pin:2/3/4/5
Transmission speed:10Mbps
Weight: 119.2g






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