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Camera CCTV UHF Televisi


  • Model: C1-C16
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Camera CCTV UHF Televisi

Camera CCTV ini bisa langsung di lihat di televisi dan handphone yg mempunyai fitur Televisi, dengan memakai gelombang UHF pada televisi.

Cara kerja nya :
- Nyalakan camera CCTV dan colokin adaptor CCTV UHF, dan di televisi kita mencari gelombang siaran televisi pada jalur UHF ( search otomatis ).
maka kita dapat melihat camera CCTV di televisi dengan bantuan antena indoor ( include ).

Harga : Rp 750.000,- / unit
Kode Barang: C1-C16


1)Super mobile phone with TV, FM, Camera, DV etc

2)Monitor remote situation with wireless security camera (Effective range: 50m)

3)Mini size camera, easy to carry and locate

4)Supports up to 8 channels

5)Unobstructed effective range: 50m

* Installation:

1)Locate the camera to a specific position and then adjust it to a suitable angle.

2)Power on the camera: connect the camera power adapter with camera, put it on the correct position (metal shield will loss signal)

3)Connect the antenna to TV: Trying to adjust antenna direction can get more clear video.

4)Search the camera and automatically save the frequency. (As with the search for TV channels)


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