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Spy Camera model Android


  • Model: S-A01
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Spy Camera model Android ( Photos MMS, Audio, Alarm, Video , Infrared Body Sensors Functions )

Gadget ini memiliki banyak Fungsi antara lain : dapat mendengarkan suara di sekitar android, mengirim perintah untuk merekam video ke memory card ,  mengirim MMS Foto, dll.

Harga : Rp 1.250.000,- / unit

Kode Barang : S-A01


1) GSM network faster and more stable, frequently used 850-950/1800-1900, global coverage

2) Camouflage-type antenna systems, weather monitoring, wherever other functions

3) Camera sensor camera. Unexpected intruder, the host will be automatically sensed and instant camera to save, send to your phone, you can be the first time to see the monitoring environment, and automatic allows you to have double protection, have photos ,alarm, video monitoring, infrared body sensors functions

4) Live view: can order the host to take pictures and send back the MMS photos through text messaging

5) Send as an MMS message sent, real-time photo photos sent to your mobile phone as an MMS message, stable, fast make you the first time to grasp the situation

6) Video, remote video whether you can are in from anywhere using a mobile phone video remote host, scene video, preservation, so that you can check back

7) Power adapter connecting input 100V-240V / frequency 50 Hz USB 5.5 DC current output 500mA

8) EGS M900 working band, GSM1800, GSM850, PCS1900

9) Communication protocol / GSM PHASE 2/2 + (including data services)

10) Image resolution VGA (1280 X 960)

11) 3 GP video formats

12) Video resolution 640 x 480, 30 frames per second

13) Camera resolution 2 million

14) Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 105mm

15) Weight: 104g

- Binding super customers: BD888888 (Administrator bind successful)
- Remove the customer: JC888888 (Cancel administrator bind)
- Within the protection (Global tour mode): BF (Defense inside successful)
- Within the protection (Power saving mode): BFS (Defense inside successful)
- Protection outside (Global tour mode): BFW (Defense outside successful)
- Protection outside (Power saving mode): BFWS (Defense outside successful)
- Removal: CF (Cancel Defense successful)
- Video: LX (Video record OK)
- Photos: PZ (Reply MMS pictures to take pictures successful bind mobile phones)
- Add user: ZJ138XXXXXXXX (With binding of mobile phones increase) Add user successful
- Remove users: SC138XXXXXXXXWith binding of mobile phones delete) Delete User Successful
- Night vision function: YS (Operation successful)
- Low voltage: Reply information (Low power warning)
- Time synchronization: SJSD (XXXX XX moth, when XX XX XX points)
- Automatic monitoring function: Binding successful mobile phone to monitor
- External power source supply and built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Type of Packing: Blister Packing
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual


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