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Digital wireless remote control Switch


  • Model: T-D05
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Digital wireless remote control Switch

Alat ini dapat di pakai untuk mematikan lampu di rumah, atau peralatan listrik misalnya kipas angin, tv, dll.

Cara pakai : hubungan kabel listrik di belakang alat ini bisa di pakai sampai 4 lampu ( A,B,C,D ) / 4 peralatan lain nya. Tinggal memakai remote untuk mematikan dan menghidupkan lampu atau peralatan lain nya.

Harga : Rp 350.000,- / unit
( Kode barang T-D05 )


1) Product features:

This product uses pairing coding, ultra high frequency encryption eliminates environ mental interference. Remote control range is up to 50 meters, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting any loads. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and flexibility.

2) Installation instructions:

Open the outer casing of the remote control switch (see the figure), connect the live wire and public neutral wire to mains supply, connect the wire and corresponding binding post A,B,C,D. After wiring is finished, put the wires in order and reset.

3) Operation instructions:

Press any one of the buttons A, B, C and D on remote controller of switch, the corresponding light or socket is powered, another press will cut it off. Each channel can be used individually.

4) Specifications:

a) Standard 86-type outer casing

b) Output: ≤500W per channe

c) Remote controller battery (12V 23A)
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